The free materials

Once we have the test results we will email you not just our report and the results, but also a copy of a book that is used in many schools to help pupils and students overcome their dyscalculia. 

If you are a teacher or a friend or parent of the person who is being tested you can use this book with the individual to help them overcome their dyscalculia.

The book is something that can be used by any adult who has maths skills of around GCSE grade C maths or above, or O level maths, working with the dyscalculic individual. (It cannot be used by the dyscalculic individual working alone.)   It can be used with anyone from the age of seven upwards.  The book is complete in itself save that for some of the books that we use you will also need cardboard, scissors, cards measuring 8cm by 2cm (approx) and ludo style counters in four colours.   Should you not have the card and counters, we can supply these for a small extra cost.

Who constructed the test?

The test was written by Tony Attwood C.Ed., B.A. M.Phil (Lond), the chair of the Dyscalculia Information Centre.  Tony is an educationalist who has written extensively on dyscalculia, dyslexia, and attention deficit disorder.

For clarity it should be noted that Tony is an educationalist who has taught in schools and at university level, as well as being the person who has developed the resources that the Centre offers.  But Tony is not an educational psychologist.  We don’t believe that this makes the Test for Dyscalculia any less effective, but we mention it because occasionally a school or employer will ask for a test conducted by an educational psychologist.   We don’t offer that, and you may of course wish to seek one out.  But do be aware that if you do use an educational psychologist you won’t receive materials that can help you overcome your dyscalculia, and the test will be perhaps five to ten times more expensive than the on-line test we offer.

Why be tested?

For most people, being tested allows the individual to find the right sort of materials to help overcome the problems that dyscalculia brings.  It should be noted that being tested for dyscalculia does not of itself necessarily give exemption from passing maths exams necessary to enrol for a course or get a job.  However with this test you are given resources that can be used to help get your maths up to the standard required.

You should also note that since the average employer doesn’t know what dyscalculia is all about, this is not going to help in getting a job. 

Comparative test for schools

If you are a teacher working with a number of pupils there is the alternative approach of using a book of comparative tests: “Tests for Dyscalculia” also by Tony Attwood.  They are intended to be given by teachers to school children so that you can spot any area in which a particular child is having unexpected difficulties.  Thus, if the teacher knows that virtually all the children in one particular class can multiply fractions, the two children in that class who constantly fail to grasp the concept can be given a series of tests to find out where their difficulty lies.  It might be within the notion of multiplying fractions itself, but it also might be that the child has no clear grasp of what a fraction is.  Or the child might simply not understand multiplication.  The tests will quickly point to the area of difficulty and allow the teacher to undertake some remedial action. The book doesn’t allow the teacher to say for certain that a child is dyscalculic – rather the tests are wholly practical, dealing with the much more important task of helping the child overcome the problem.



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