Where you are purchasing a book

This book is supplied as a photocopiable download.

The purchasing school is permitted to reproduce any part of the book for its own use but must ensure that no part of the book is offered for distribution in any way to those not directly associated with the school. In particular no part of the book may be copied or distributed in any way to teachers or administrators who are associated with any school other than that purchasing the book.

Where the book is purchased by a teachers’ centre or any other type of organisation other than a school or college, it is provided on the strict understanding that the purchasing individual or institution will not make any copies of the book and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that it is not possible for any individual or group of individuals to make copies of the book.

It is specifically forbidden for any individual, group or organisation to copy all or part of this book and allow that copy to be sold or otherwise exchanged. It is also specifically forbidden to publish all or part of this book on the internet without the prior written consent of the publisher.